What to do when you don’t have time to browse hundreds of pages of websites when looking for a product or service?

Since 1999, we have developed computer techniques dedicated to the search for information on the Web and social networks.

Computer tools for your product research

Whatever your field of activity or the type of products you are looking for, we offer you networks of sites to do your research, your requests for prices and quotes. We also offer cross-reference systems when you are looking for product equivalences.

For example, you can post messages on discussion groups, forums, or send us an email: in this case, we can put you in touch with a partner company, or solicit price requests from several service providers.

As part of cross-reference searches, you may also need to compare the features of different products. We are able to help you with this research and to forward your requests to service providers.

About Cyberdetective Search Engine

Alain STEVENS was a private detective in Paris before creating his own agency in Cannes in 1999. With an accounting and financial background, he was at the origin of the first OSINT type computer investigations in France. A private detective specializing in cybercrime since the 2000s, he became a consultant in cybersecurity and cybercrime.

In 1999, OSINT techniques were not as widespread, and with the development of the Internet came a sharp increase in fraud and cybercrime litigation. This long experience in cybercrime has allowed the development of computer investigation techniques, based on research techniques but also on computer code.

Cyberdétective ® brings together a set of means and tools to protect against cybercrime risks, training and awareness in cybersecurity, programming, to allow you to improve your level of protection against cybercrime, and reduce the risk of fraud.