Cybercrime consultant - Hacker

How to choose a cybercrime consultant?

Individuals and professionals can hire cybercrime consultants. Unlike private detectives, who are mainly specialized in field investigations (investigations, surveillance and shadowing), the cybercrime and cybersecurity consultant has computer skills.

Private detectives collaborate with cybercrime consultants

Are you looking for an investigation professional, Pacta ® correspondent, to carry out investigations into personnel control around the Picardy region, for surveillance missions on false notices on the internet? The missions of private investigators are different from the work of cybersecurity consultants.

Litigation lawyers are legal and judicial experts, competent for an effective litigation strategy. Lawyers specializing in cybercrime can also guide you whatever your dispute.

Extra-marital affairs, abandonment of the marital home, theft, pre-criminal investigation, determination of assets, you are already used to calling on private detectives. Whatever your job, your professional field: social worker, plant operator, maceration/malting, machine operator, coating/metals, we can offer you solutions.