Our services

When you need a product, a service, you will certainly start by doing a lot of research on the Internet. But there are so many results, most often, that you will not be able to make your choice before comparing the differences between all these products, for example the technical characteristics, the composition, but also the prices.

Cyberdetective : A decision support tool

To help you research products and services, we are going to give you several ways to post messages for a network of partner sites. In this way, you can send us a message to specify this search, publish a message on our discussion forums or our groups.

If you have specific requests, we can also contact suppliers and service providers to obtain several different offers for you. These may be paid services, as part of a rate negotiation mission, or grouped rate research, or a simple transfer of your price requests when we have partner companies.

Of course, you do not make any commitment in these price searches, on the contrary, contacting us will allow you to obtain additional proposals, and perhaps to have attractive pricing.

Additional services

Then, when you have chosen a service provider, we can also support you in your commercial relations, for example to ensure the smooth running of the service.