Petfood-Score ABCDE – a Pacta Petfood service

Petfood-Score ABCDE – a Pacta Petfood service

Many consumers are looking for tips on choosing the right products. This is the case of consumers in Petfood (Animal nutrition), who find many products on the market, such as croquettes and food for dogs and cats, but who do not really have many tools to help them in their choice.

What will Pacta’s Petfood-Score ABCDE be used for?

It might be interesting to assign a note to your wet foot and dry foodbrands. But the Petfood watch, which has been in place for the past few years, has taught us that there is already a Petfood-Score in the United States which is shared on many sites in the United States. And this Petfood-Score was imagined by a person who offers to rate kibbles according to several criteria, which do not correspond to realities in terms of animal nutrition.

Moreover, the inventor of this Petfood-Score admits not having real skills in nutrition.

In particular, it will be observed that many people are asking questions about the fact that carbohydrates are not displayed on the kibble packets. However, we can have a rough estimate, with a formula (ENA, nitrogen-free extract), but the result is not an exact dosage of carbohydrate levels.

This is why carbohydrate rankings are unreliable, mainly because label indications are not specific enough to establish a ranking.

As this is a long development, you can share our Petfood-Score Pacta project on your social networks to make it known, and send us your information on animal nutrition.